What’s Up in the Workshop?

This space has been quiet, I know, but things are still happening in the background…

The pandemic disrupted all of our routines, and a side effect for me was just less time writing. Looking back over the last couple of years, it makes sense. Being stuck at a computer for much of the day made the appeal of sitting down at a keyboard less appealing. The good news is that my family remains well, and for that I am grateful.

I’ve still been busy playing with typewriters, though. Somehow I seem to have collected a number of machines in need of some repair, or at the least some care and attention. That’s what is taking up space on the workbench at the moment. So less typing, more fixing. It’s been fun, too! I’ll be sharing some of these machines in this space once I get a little more time to type with them.

While I am puttering around here, if you are interested in fixing old typewriters I highly recommend you visit Phoenix Typewriter’s YouTube channel. It is such a valuable resource for our community! And I would like to recommend every typer to check out Virtual Herman’s, which happened for the second time back in February. If you didn’t get to attend, David Brechbiel’s website captures an amazing amount of content and information from that wonderful event.

Stay well and keep typing!


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